We as your partner

Consulting + Maker = ReSulting

IoT Baseplate started in 2016 as an innovative idea with potential – maybe just like your idea now. We each brought about 20 years of experience to the table as founders, and we’ve all learned a lot since then around strategy, technology and project development. What we also learned: external expertise is extremely valuable and often the key to success. But with consultants, you often end up with nothing more than workshop memos and a nice PowerPoint presentation. And with makers indeed with a prototype, but beyond the market needs and without strategy.

This is how the idea came about that we want to pass on our experience and expertise – from the beginning of an idea through strategy and business development to the effective implementation and piloting of prototypes and products. We are your partners as consultants and makers in one, creating a new category: “ReSulting”.

Onsite Data Intelligence is thus your end-to-end partner for digital transformation and innovative projects. Our focus is on Internet of Things IoT and digitalization in road traffic as well as Industry 4.0.