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Individual and out-of-the-box

COUNTER, TIMER and TRACKER are our finished products and were developed in close cooperation with our pilot users. All three provide position and status data as a basic function at all times, are mobile and easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into your system. Of course, we also create customized solutions for your individual challenges – whether it’s an evaluation kit, prototype or scalable product.


Are you looking for an inexpensive, mobile and plug & play stand-alone system for temporary traffic counts? With our COUNTER you can easily

  • Record traffic volumes and velocity
  • Calibrate traffic models and existing sensors
  • Realize before-and-after evaluations

We combine embedded AI cameras with our IoT baseplate concept and focus on bicycle and pedestrian traffic.


Do you want to know exactly when and where your roadworks or traffic measures are actually taking place? With our TIMER you can easily and integrated into your system

  • Record real start and end time in context to the regulation
  • Document announcements digitally
  • Detect irregular changes quickly
  • Generate real-time data for your digital twin

We combine traffic signs and activation with our IoT baseplate concept.


Do you always want to know where your mobile infrastructure is and whether everything is set up correctly? With our TRACKER you can easily

  • Document positions and condition without gaps
  • Recognize changes immediately
  • Track and manage mobile assets

We add our IoT baseplate concept to your mobile road infrastructure and assets.

Digitalization megatrends C-ITS, CCAM and UVAR

We see IoT Baseplate as a valuable mobile element for the digitalization megatrends C-ITS, CCAM and UVAR. We don’t believe in proprietary solutions, overengineering and isolated data and focus on integration, standardization and cooperation right from the start. Platforms and standards such as GIP, VAO, EVIS, C-Roads or DATEX II are therefore always on our minds during research and development.

“IoT Baseplate makes traffic events safer, more efficient and more transparent“