The idea – ingeniously simple

From K1 Baseplate to IoT Baseplate

IoT Baseplate integrates CPU, GNSS, sensors, actuators and batteries into proven mobile road infrastructure. K1 baseplates, poles, guide beacons, signal lights or traffic signs thus become mobile, flexible and integrated systems of the “Internet of Things”.

Detect current traffic data with IoT Baseplate, record the position and status of your mobile infrastructure or document the start and end of traffic events – temporarily, cost-effectively, top integrated and ingeniously simple.

“Plug & Play” set up, IoT Baseplate works in the background for weeks to years, requires no connections, and incurs minimal additional expense.

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The concept – modular and versatile

From IoT Baseplate to Data Intelligence

IoT Baseplate BOX

IoT Baseplate BOX includes all IoT components and is integrated directly into existing elements of the road infrastructure. The BOX works as a stand-alone solution as well as in a network and can also be combined with external sensors or actuators. A flexible platform allows easy adaptation to technologies, radio standards, interfaces and use cases. Through edge computing and embedded AI, we reduce data volumes and maximize data protection.

IoT Baseplate POWER

IoT Baseplate POWER upgrades the K1 baseplate with battery, energy management and a completely new induction technology for energy transmission, which we developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute ENAS. With this optional powerbank module, your IoT Baseplate system will operate self-sufficiently for at least two weeks in all applications.

DATA Intelligence

DATA Intelligence is created by focusing on your requirements for data availability, insights and integration and specifically developing the ideal solution. You get exactly the algorithms, interfaces, transmission standards and user interfaces you need for storing, monitoring and utilizing your data.