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Individual and out-of-the-box

COUNTER, TIMER and TRACKER are our ready to use products for the most requested use cases and are the result of years of research and discussions with partners and users. But we also make customized solutions specifically for your challenges. IoT Baseplate is an eval kit, prototyping base or reliable product for operational use, depending on the requirements.


We combine embedded AI cameras with our IoT Baseplate concept. With this, we create an cost-effective, mobile and plug&play stand-alone system for temporary traffic counts. We focus on active mobility, i.e. cycling and walking. For example, you can easily

  • Record traffic volumes and velocity
  • Calibrate traffic models and existing sensors
  • Evaluate measures


We combine traffic signs and magnetic switches with our IoT Baseplate concept. In this way, we create a digital “time stamp” for road works or temporary traffic measures and the real-time data basis for a digital twin. For example, you can easily

  • Record real start and end time in context to the regulation
  • Document announcements digitally
  • Detect irregular changes quickly


We complement your mobile road infrastructure with our IoT Baseplate concept. In this way, we create real-time digital data for tracking and managing your assets. For example, you can easily

  • Document positions and condition without gaps
  • Recognize changes immediately
  • Track and manage mobile assets

Digitalization megatrends C-ITS, CCAM and UVAR

We see IoT Baseplate as a valuable mobile element for the digitalization megatrends C-ITS, CCAM and UVAR. We don’t believe in proprietary solutions, overengineering and isolated data and focus on integration, standardization and cooperation right from the start. Platforms and standards such as GIP, VAO, EVIS, C-Roads or DATEX II are therefore always on our minds during research and development.

“IoT Baseplate makes traffic events safer, more efficient and more transparent“